Pune to play Bangalore without “Dada”

Ganguly Short

(Photo credit: alister667)

Pune play today’s and reminder of their games this IPL without Dada. There is also the news that this may well be Ganguly’s last IPL. Pune have nothing to lose but they can definitely spoil someone’s party. Steven Smith would be leading the side in Dada’s absence and that gives some of the new guys an opportunity to get off the bench and on to the field. Ganguly hasn’t scored too badly as a batsman this season; however, together as a group, except first few matches they never got going.

Bangalore look clear favorites here. The way Gayle played in the last innings makes it so difficult for oppositions. Because NOW, he is just not looking to hit, he wants to stay there and wait for his opportunities to score. That make him so much more dangerous because then he tends to play longer innings. Kohli also seem to be getting back in touch with is good news for Royal Challenger.

Overall, on current form, it looks like Vijay Mallya can keep smiling and Dada can keep his shirt on :)!!!


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